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Haypak - Disposable Towels, Underwear, Bedding & Gym Wipes

haypak.com, pioneer disposable towel manufacturer and wholesaler, is among the most successful online shopping sites in Turkey. We provide hundreds of disposable towels, disposable underwear, disposable beddings and gym wipes products to our customers. These products can be used in different areas such as fitness centers, spas, hotels, hospitals etc. Among our collections, you can find various types of disposable towel, disposable underwear, disposable beddings and gym wipes.

Disposable towel

Disposable towels, which are one of the products found in many points of life, are frequently preferred due to their different usage areas. Due to their high absorbent nature and lightweight raw material, disposable towels can be used in homes and workplaces as well as in holidays.

Disposable towel products that we produce with the aim of keeping hygienic standards at the highest level are produced from the cellulose material of the tree and do not contain any synthetic material. Disposable towels for personal use are 100% hygienic and do not carry bacteria. One of the most important features of our disposable towel products is their eco friendly material. We use recycable raw material in order to avoid waste and keep our earth clean. After using all our disposable towel products, you can throw them into any paper recycling bin.

Disposable gym towels

Disposable sports towels are generally preferred by the athletes in terms of hygiene and comfort. With their ultra-lightweight material, you won't feel carrying towels in your gym bag. Besides being lightweight, disposable gym towel won’t take up space like the traditional gym towels. Its’ super tiny size is a great advantage for those who don’t like to carry heavy and big gym towels. With all these features, disposable gym towels gain more and more popularity among marathons and sports competitions.

Disposable bath towels

Disposable bath towels that can be used in different areas are produced to give you the best hygienic experience. Disposable bath towels that you can take with you to many places like gyms, spas, hotels, hospitals, etc. will cover a very small space in your bag and provide you with the best hygiene. Disposable bath towel is available in two sizes, 60 x 120 cm and 80 x 140 cm. It does not leave a pile on your hair or body when drying your skin.

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